Design I did for a very fancy birthday party.

Hope you like it
Invitations with stamps
little books with tips for the day of the event
bags with chalk inside (because there was a chalk board on the event)
a quote inside every invitation...just because <3
a riddle in stamp so they know what the event is about.
so they wouldn't forget to rsvp
a map of the zone so they wouldn't get lost
The quote, the riddle, the map, and the rsvp inside this little package
Every invitation was placed inside a can
Name tags for staff
Stamped menus for the day of the event
Placed menus (these pictures of the menus were taken by Julián Castillo)
Entrance and exit signs
A game of fun facts for the bar
Ice-breaker coasters with funny questions to ask the person sitting next to them
Little pieces of paper in every table so people could write crazy ideas and share them with new people
These pamphlets were given to every person that entered the event. Inside, there is a guide of things to do, a map of the place and a schedule of the activities.
The End :)
(This last picture was also taken by Julián Castillo)
Thanks for watching :)
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